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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Zombie Castaways MOD APK

Description :

Zombie Castaways icon

An agreeable zombie goes gaga for a young lady and sets off in look for Zombium to wind up noticeably a Human.
The universe of zombies is boundless, splendid, and loaded with interesting characters. Investigate great islands and advance through the shrubberies to make a stride nearer to tackling the Zombie's mystery. Develop uncommon plants, natural products, and blossoms to cook Zombium. Develop world well known structures, finish undertakings, and enrich your island to end up noticeably a Human and discover your Love.
In the amusement you'll discover different zombie-specialists helping you clear the island and assemble a town, for example, woodcutters, stoneminers, anglers, treasure seekers and cooks. You'll have the capacity to reap many one of a kind plants and make marvelous mixtures. You can go to various islands looking for new fortunes keeping in mind the end goal to achieve the Ancestors' Land, turned into a Human, and after that arrival to the city of individuals and discover your Love.

 Download & Links :

zombie-castaways-1.10.1 APK - 40.8 MB 
zombie-castaways-1.10.2 MOD APK - 41.0 MB 
zombie-castaways-1.9.2 APK - 39.0 MB
zombie-castaways-1.9.2 MOD APK - 39.3 MB

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