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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Zombie Tsunami MOD APK

Description :

Zombie Tsunami icon

The zombies are revolting ! Assault the city with a swarm of zombies, change people on foot into zombies and make the biggest crowd.
Eat your companions, and test them to an insane race by annihilating everything in your way.
Zombie Tsunami has gladly surpassed 200 million players around the globe.

Highlights :

- "One touch" gameplay to control the whole hord
- 10 ridiculous rewards, ninjas, mythical serpents, UFOs, and some more
- Many moves up to open
- Raise zombie fowls and utilize their forces
- More than 300 missions to eat up
- 11 sets to go in
- Optimized for all Android models

Download & Links :

Zombie-Tsunami MOD v3.4.0 APK - 62.0 MB  
Zombie-Tsunami-v3.4.0 APK - 61.9 MB

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